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Cutler X Fucks His First Bareback Hole

They said it would never happen, that it was impossible. But when you want something bad enough, sooner or later, it WILL happen. Cutler X, the sexy black man with thick, massive monster cock, has crossed over to do bareback porn. And who better to pair him with than super bareback cock whore Adam Russo? The hungry cock pig was ordered to his knees almost immediately, in the locker room. There, the submissive slut swallowed Cutler’s huge uncut cock and deep throats the fucker until he choke and gags. And even then, Cutler just fucks Adam’s face and throat, balls swinging. But since this is Cutler’s first bareback hole, he soon turns his attention to what seems like an incredibly tiny entrance. The puckered starburst is stretched out and left gaping as Cutler works that raw monstrosity of a black cock inside Adam, bent over a bench and completely plowed. Cutler shows no mercy, making Adam moan loud and hard, practically making the lockers shake! When all was said and done, Adam was completely destroyed, his hole wrecked by Cutler’s monster cock. We had to carry him out as he couldn’t walk off set. But you know what the bareback hoe said? He couldn’t wait to take it all over again! Yeah. Seems Cutler marked that hoe, claiming it for himself and spoiling Adam’s hole for any other man. So what are you waiting for? Bend over, spread that ass, and start stroking your cock as Cutler slam fucks that slab of meat deep inside YOUR bareback hole!

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Tyler Reed Tops Bareback Top Shay Michaels

For years, big, burly, and beefy bareback top Shay Michaels, has been trying to get into Tyler Reed’s pants. After all, even Daddies need Daddies. The two were finally able to connect for what, at first, appeared to be a test of wills, gruff masculinity and the struggle for Top position. But with Shay’s hole quivering for Tyler’s raw cock, it turned out to be an easy, but aggressive match. Both were pumped and still in their tank tops when they met. The two came together like magnets, with Tyler lifting Shay up and putting him on his knee so they could make out, then throwing him on the bed. The massive beefy men go at it and it’s like clash of the titans with all that grunting and groaning. Shay ends up on his stomach, his big ass up in the air — which is exactly where he wanted to be — with Tyler power fucking a newly converted bottom whore with a cum slutty hole that pines away for Big Daddy’s raw cock.

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Daddy Brad Kalvo and His Boytoy Bobby Hart

BreedMeRaw is pleased to present Colt model Brad Kalvo. The hung, bearded daddy is featured this week with a new bareback slut pig, Bobby Hart. This is Bobby’s first scene taking raw cock and the condom-to-bareback whore is pleased to have Brad shove his hairy crotch right into his face. Bobby sucks down Brad’s cock like a drowning man gasping for air and all Brad can do is fuck his face and watch as he fucks Bobby’s throat, playing with his hole. Brad gets Bobby on the fuck bench and eats out that Latin ass, getting it ready for his raw cock. After a while, Brad finds it’s better to throw his little Latin “puta” in the sling and pound away at his slut hole until he was satisfied. This is one bareback fuck neither will soon forget! So what are you waiting for? Grab your dick, double-click, and start stroking!

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Pumped From The Gym, Justin Lukas Pumps Sven Stone Full Of Big, Fat, Raw Cock

There are some guys, like Justin Lukas, who prefer their bottoms to be on the smaller side. That way, they can completely dominate their pink slut holes, meant for one thing and one thing only: fucking. When Justin gets home he’s all pumped from the gym and ready to go. And with buddy Sven Stone sitting there waiting, willing, and ready, Justin wastes little time. He has Sven peel off shorts to expose his huge, uncut cock then shoves his cock in the whore’s mouth right off the bat. The bottom sucks his cock, servicing the throbbing shaft until Justin is ready to spread the greedy cock pig’s fuck hole. But first, he offers up his hairy hole for a good rim job, bent over, stretched out, and stuffed. Raw cock. Pumping bareback. Thick and creamy loads. Is there anything better after a good workout? No. We didn’t think so.

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Dylan Saunders Gets Off With Big Black Cock Up His Ass

Cock and cum pig, Dylan Saunders, knew exactly what he was getting himself into as he lay face down on the couch, legs spread just enough to expose his hungry hole for big-dicked Daemon Sadi. Now, Daemon wasn’t in the mood to play games as he casually strolls up to Dylan and begins to lap up his sweaty hole. The two alternate between Daemon devouring Dylan’s ass, priming him with spit and tongue, and Dylan taking Daemon’s meat to the base, slicking it up for the raw fuck he knew would soon follow. Daemon uses Dylan’s hole strictly for his pleasure. The fact that Dylan was actually getting off on big black cock up his ass was icing on the cake. Or, in this case, cum on flesh. Daemon puts the willing bottom in multiple positions as he builds towards shooting his load on Dylan while the bottom whore strokes himself towards climax. He blows his load onto his stomach and, now sweaty and panting, Daemon hungrily eats Dylan’s load before leaving the stud to admire another load successfully attained.

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