Q:  Who do I contact for billing support?
A:  Please see THIS PAGE
Q:  What do I do if I've lost my password?
A:  Please see THIS PAGE
Q:  Who do I contact for support issues?
A:  Please see THIS PAGE
Please note - replies to your Support Tickets can end up in your Bulk or Spam Mail Folder - please check this if you have submitted a support ticket for responses to your issue. Note also we answer every support question within 24 hours maximum.

To get a quicker answer to your question please be sure to include:
- your operating system
- what browser you are using
- the email address you used to sign up with
- if you are using firewall software and what it is
Q:  Why are there occasional gaps in the video stream?
A:  You may experience streaming problems as a result of internet congestion. It is likely to be temporary.
Q:  Why can't I view any of your Videos?
A:  Please make sure that you have a recent browser version (we recommend Internet Explorer 9 or higher), and you have Flash Player 10 or above installed. Additionally, you may not be able to access the content if you are operating a firewall. You may need to review your proxy settings that will enable access. Our footage has been optimised for viewing on Flash Player 10 and above. If you haven't already done so, we recommend either update or install the Flash Player.
Q:  Are there any known streaming quality issues?
A:  Members may encounter issues with video streaming quality due to the distance and multiple networks and ISP's that he data has to be transferred through in order to reach your computer. These issues are not unique to this site and are not related to the quality of the video content available on the site. Many factors can affect the viewing quality of audio and video streaming.
Q:  How do I contact you?
A: You can contact us by lodging a Customer Support Ticket - see THIS PAGE

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