Chip Young and Avi Strider

In a seedy, private sex club in an industrial park, Chip Young sits in a cage, awaiting a man and his bone, like a bitch in heat. Bearded Avi Strider saunters in, takes one look at the beefy bottom whore in the man-sized crate and knows straight away...Chip needs a bone. A hard bone. One made of flesh. A bone he can lick and savor. Avi whips his dick out, offering puppy Chip something to slobber and drool over. And although Avi might return the favor -- after all, even a sub cur must get a treat once in a while -- the swarthy dog handler slathers a mouthful of spit all over Chip's ass, rimming his hungry hole and priming it for a good mount and then a ruff bareback fuck. Woof!
Featuring:  Avi Strider, Chip Young
Release Date: 08/11/2023

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