Diego Spynx and Ray Crosswell

After a great night out on the town, turned to morning, Diego and Ray didn't want to go far for breakfast. Luckily, cock and ass were the only things they were interested in eating. They are also in no rush and plan on making things last as long as they can. Stripping turns to kissing, tasting, and touching before Ray finally gets his mouth on Diego's tool. Diego grabbed Ray's hair and gently helped guide his head up and down his cock before face fucking it. Diego then warms Ray's hole with a few fingers making sure he is ready for a good pounding. And after going a few fingers deep, Diego fills Ray's ass with his cock. Ray loves every inch and shows Diego as they fuck in several positions. They fuck all over the bed until Diego finishes shooting his jizz inside Ray's hole as Ray shoots his creamy load.
Featuring:  Diego Spynx, Ray Crosswell
Release Date: 09/13/2023

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