Ethan Chase and Fer Froma

Ethan's dick was hard as soon as we told him he was filming with Fer. Maybe it's Fer's smile or his height. But I'll put my money on it being how great his ass looked in his jeans that made Ethan stand at attention. Whatever it was, Fer was ready to do what he could to make Ethan's trip memorable. Within seconds of kissing, Ethan's pants were off, and Fer took the proper position with his mouth wrapped around Ethan's thick piece of meat. And while Ethan loves his cock worked, he didn't want to go another minute without getting a taste of Fer's sweet hole. After they both got their share, it was time to put their tools to better use. Ethan fucked Fer's firm ass like it was his last, and Fer didn't mind one bit. Not being able to hold back anymore, Ethan unloads his balls on Fer's cheeks, followed by Fer stroking out his own warm load.
Featuring:  Ethan Chase, Fer Froma
Release Date: 09/20/2023

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