Gitanto Silva and Jota Palma

Gitano and Jota came to us and wanted to show us what they could do. We never turn down two hotties willing to fuck for us. Then the shirts came off, followed by the pants. Watching Gitano and Jota getting better acquainted was hot, especially with Jota on his knees sucking Gitano's big dick. That was only the start. Jota took his turn sucking cock as they then back and forth eating ass, getting both their holes ready for a flip fuck. Jota was the first to get his hole filled up. Gitano slid his meat inside Jota's tight hole and fucked his ass until it was his turn to be the bottom, something he loved doing. There was no downtime as they flip fucked until their loads were released with great force.
Featuring:  Gitano Silva, Jota Palma
Release Date: 04/17/2024

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