James Chesterar and Fer Froma

After a long day of filming, we happened to stumble upon James and Fer getting to know each other better in the spare room. They were already on the bed kissing when we started rolling. James took his shirt off, followed by Fer. After more kissing, It was time to suck some dick, and Fer was the first to take a cock to the mouth as he gobbled James meat. But he wanted more than just a cock in his mouth. James got behind Fer and warmed his hole with his mouth before stuffing it like a turkey. As soon as Fer's hole opened up, James went to town and didn't stop until he was finished using Fer's round ass for his pleasure. While riding dick, Fer shoots his jizz on Jame's chest, who returns the favor by shooting on Fer's ass.
Featuring:  Fer Froma, James Chester
Release Date: 12/13/2023

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