Jeremy Feist and Colin Lust

Jeremy wasn't interested in doing a lot of talking once Collin entered the room. Within minutes of saying hello, these two sexy men were on each other. Kissing turned into stripping before Collin took Jeremy's thick cock into his tiny mouth. But Collin doesn't back down from any challenge and takes Jeremy's meat down his throat. Then it was Jeremy's turn to do what he loves. Collin bent over, and Jeremy threw his tongue right into that delicious hole. Collin loves having his ass ate, but he'd rather have a dick in it and didn't need an invite to hop up on top of Jeremy's swollen cock. After a slow start, they both get deep into fucking as Jeremy pounds Collin's ass. Collin gets on his knees, and Jeremy drills his ass until he spills his seed. Collin then strokes out his load and eats it up.
Featuring:  Colin Lust, Jeremy Feist
Release Date: 06/21/2023

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