Kevin Dotadao and Ronny Aislan

After working with Ronny a few times, we gave him the pick of his costar. That's when he brought Kevin to us. We were down to see what happened. They started kissing, but soon both were undressed, and Ronny was on his knees, hungry to suck some dick. Kevin loved his cock worked and gave Ronny as much as he wanted before turning him over and eating his hole while Ronny sucked. We love watching Ronny service a large piece of meat, but Kevin was ready to fuck. Ronny sat down on Kevin and let that dick find its way around before getting on his knees. The pain and pleasure drive Ronny crazy and makes him a great bottom whore. Kevin fucks his boy until he can't hold back and shoots his load. Ronny is right behind.
Featuring:  Kevin Dotadao, Ronny Aislan
Release Date: 07/03/2024

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