Luke Geer and Luky Cole

Bad boys don't always do bad things. Especially when those bad boys fuck so good! Luke and Luky cut class to hang out in the old abandoned building. And when I say hang out, I'm talking about their dicks. When they get there Luke pushes Luky against the wall and kisses him all over while they undress. He then sits him down on the stairs and starts to work his mouth all over Luky's big, hard cock, making sure to lick his balls and taint. Not to be outdone, Luky switches places with Luke and shows him his tricks with a cock. But that doesn't last long as Luke bends Luky over the stairs and pushes his dick inside his buddies ass. Moans of sex bounce off the concrete walls as Luke bangs Luky from behind. Luky then gets knees down doggy on the steps where Luke mounts him like a bitch and fills his hole with cock. He then gets on his back and strokes out a huge load all over his stomach, while Luke fucks him before getting a full cum facial.
Featuring:  Luke Geer, Luky Cole
Release Date: 07/31/2023

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