Vitali Kutcher and Tom Malone

Horsing around with your buddy can turn into something more...if you let it. Vitali and Tom are two friends horsing around on the couch, which then suddenly turns into a hot and sexy make-out session. Vitali takes off his shirt, then removes Tom's shirt and pants, revealing a nice hard cock. Past the point of no return, he takes the cock in his mouth, working the around head and shaft with his tongue. Tom loves the sensation but is ready to put his lips on Vitali's dick. Vitali's loves a warm mouth on his cock and pushes Tom's head down to go deeper, which makes him harder. Now ready to fuck, he bends Tom over to get a real good look at his boy's fuck hole before slowly filling it with his cock. Tom loves the feeling of being filled with a hot dick but soon sit's Vitali down on the couch so he can bounce up and down for a while, hitting all his spots. After a few minutes of riding cock, it's time to switch and let Vitali fuck him on his back till they both shoot their loads.
Featuring:  Tom Malone, Vitali Kutcher
Release Date: 07/24/2023

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